Make Your Hunt Easier With a Gun Sling Shoulder Clip

Find gun sling shoulder clips in our online hunting accessory store

Improve your hunting experience with a gun sling shoulder clip. J 5 GEAR offers U.S.A.-made gun sling shoulder clips that are ideal for all hunters. Keep your gun securely on your shoulder where it belongs. You just clip it to your backpack strap for more security.

We manufacture our gun sling shoulder clips in Montana using parts from the U.S.A. Call us at 406-546-8425 for details about our assembly process.

guns strap clip

Free up your hands during a hunting trip

When you use a gun sling shoulder clip, you won't have to worry about your rifle falling off your shoulder. Use it to free up your hands when:

  • You're using a game call, optics, and so on
  • You're transporting your game on your sled
Don't drop your gun, get a gun sling shoulder clip. Find your new favorite hunting accessory today in our Shop page. Ideally best to have one for each shoulder.

gun strap clip