Do You Need a Better Way to Transport Elk, Deer Or Other Game After a Successful Hunt?

Order a game sled from our hunting accessory company

If you need a way to transport game animals, consider our specially designed game sled. J 5 GEAR uses quality materials to make every game sled we manufacture - right here in the U.S.A. You can count on our exceptional craftsmanship to create a game sled that will make your hunting trips more productive for years to come.

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Explore the benefits of using a game sled

You'll love having a game sled on your trips because:

  • You can carry it in your pack when rolled up or strapped to the outside while hunting
  • You can maintain a low profile while hunting
  • You won't have to make several trips to transport your game to your vehicle
  • It's small and portable when rolled up and can expand to carry heavy game
  • No assembly is required. The game sled comes with a tow rope and handle.
The game sled is extremely durable and can be used on rock, grass, dirt, and snow.

When hunting is over, don't put your sled away. You can use it ice fishing, hauling wood, transporting gear for white water rafting - the opportunities are endless if you use your imagination. Check out our game sleds by visiting the Shop page now. Shipping costs may vary.

Sled Sizes

  • Regular - 24 x 48 inches - 74.99
  • Large- 30 x 48 inches - 79.99
  • Alaskan - 36 x 48 inches - 84.99
  • Custom sizes available

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Other ways to use your game sled

Our game sleds aren’t just for hauling game. If you love spending time outdoors, one of our sleds could help you transport what you need while saving your back. Whether you’re a rancher or a camper, there are plenty of benefits to keeping our custom game sled around.

Our handmade sleds are perfect for:

Trappers: Load up your pelts and keep them secure during transport
Ranchers: Get newborn calves from point A to point B with ease
White water rafters: Transport your gear from the raft to your campsite
Gardeners: Haul produce and garden debris in one big load
Campers: Make it simpler to get your camping gear to the site
Firewood users: Fit your chopped wood on our heavy-duty sled

Our regular sleds weigh 3.5 pounds and measure at 24x48 inches. Our large sleds weigh 4 pounds and are 30x48 inches. No matter which size you order, you can rely on your sled to haul basic game, supplies and equipment to wherever you need.

Contact us today to place an order for your own game sled.

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